This story happened on the end of the Yuen dynasty where the supernatural being and the devil free to roam around before the earth. Xiao Wei (Xun Zhou) was the fairy who killed his sweetheart 100 years beforehand. As a result, he must change
Xiao Wei needed skin and the heart from his casualties so that she continues to be able to be seen pretty. From time to time Xiao Wei always made use of the man who was tempted by her beauty to afterwards be killed and taken skin and her heart.

Once, the commander of Sheng money (Chen Kun) that was leading his troops hunted a herd of the criminal, met Xiao Wei. Money afterwards brought Xiao Wei came home. Xiao Wei that afterwards fell in love with Sheng money afterwards make an effort so that this man is apart from his wife of Pei Rong (Zhao Wei).
to the ghost who was thirsty for blood to stay surviving.

However finally Sheng money realised who in fact Xiao Wei and tried to ask for Pang Rong help (Donnie Yen) and Xia Bing (the Li Kiss) that had the capacity supranatural to cure Xiao Wei.


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