Britney Spears become Google Adsense Publisher

Britney Spears become Google Adsense Publisher

Certainly you all knew with Britney Spears, the artist who previously often was worshipped but also not a little that hate her. Only with her first album previously, her name at once rocketed as the artist’s great rank. Currently her prestige even increasingly famous but not as the artist but celebs with Naked photographs of Britney as results of paparazzi camera shoot that was spread in the internet media or magazines entertainment but also her attitude that she said liked drunk after party or the nightlife.

With the new her album “Blackout”, from the title of his album, Britney Spears tried to return her prestige as the artist. Aside from all the photographs was unpleasant and the bad Britney character, Official site Britney Spears currently was installed by the advertisement from Google Adsense. Thats just OK!… but what world says?


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