Leave Work Earlier and Lose Weight!

This is one weight loss method almost anyone should want to get behind. I know that when I get home late from work, I’m starving and grab whatever food is easiest to eat (my daughter’s mac ’n’ cheese included).

I’m not alone: Women who worked 40-plus hours per week were more likely to gain weight than those who clocked out earlier, reports a study in the International Journal of Obesity. Perhaps leaving early one night per week will inspire you to cook a healthy dinner!

Researchers also think that stress and fatigue may make desk jockeys more apt to eat fast food and less inclined to exercise. (I get it: You deserve a reward for finishing that project or making that deadline.)

Break the cycle in two ways: Start by exercising in the morning (when meetings, play dates and grocery-store trips can’t get in the way). That’s what I do, and it’s one of the best parts of my day. The hour between waking up and getting dressed for work, I slip on my running tights and top, and head out the door–before I’m awake enough to think of excuses to get out of it.

Second, set a time to leave work each day, and make it your goal to do it. There’s always a chance if you don’t, you’ll spread the work out to fill a longer day. Efficiency is a good thing, people! Think of it this way: When you have an important appointment or tickets to a concert, and you know you’ll have to leave early to make it, you bust your hump to get everything done and exit on time.

Plan your quitting time that way every day, and you’ll make it home earlier to prepare a healthy dinner, get to bed earlier and make time to work out first thing tomorrow! Let me know how it’s going!(2008 SELF.com)


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