Earning from Adsense and Adbrite

Makassar, December 03,2007. For a long time in fact i want to post concerning the production to publisher from affiliate advertising that i followed like Google Adsense and AdBrite, but i didn’t have a time. And then friends in blogger have many question of concerning about it. Around the last one weeks if i wrong remembered, the cheque adsense and adbrite arrived simultaneously, the amount is not too big, but was enough how come for treated friends around in. The cheque was rather moderate old the arrival in Indonesia, because google adsense and adbrite appointed that the cheque will be sent around 60 days (60 basis nets) after minimal earning we were reached.
Sending time to indonesia will waste a time almost a month, so.. the totally days that would you were waiting if following these affiliations… yup almost three months after minimal earning you were reached.

adbrite cheque

adsense cheque


2 thoughts on “Earning from Adsense and Adbrite

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    Scarlett T.
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