Call me the mad mullah of the police but drugs should be legal

The chief constable who last week said ecstasy is safer than aspirin peddles his drug theory to our correspondent

Few senior cops can boast such an electrifying record as Richard Brunstrom. He recently stunned himself with a Taser gun to prove the police device was not dangerous. Then he broke into his own headquarters at night to highlight a lack of security. And last week Brunstrom’s sanity was questioned after he proclaimed that the illegal drug ecstasy was “a remarkably safe substance” – safer than aspirin.

Some maintain that a congenital predilection for self-publicity has propelled North Wales’s chief constable on his relentless campaign to install ever more speed cameras, for which he earned the sobriquet “the mad mullah of the traffic Taliban”. Now he has the tabloids frothing at the mouth over his zeal to legalise all drugs.

How does it feel, I ask, to be Tasered with 50,000 volts? “Very uncomfortable,” Brunstrom admits. More…

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