Hack Attack: Quick access Firefox settings

If you’ve followed my introduction to Mouse-less Firefox or Gina’s excellent guide to Firefox Quick Searches, you should know by now that we at Lifehacker prefer to use the keyboard as often as possible to get us what we want while browsing with the ‘Fox.

But I’ve always been a little disappointed with the lack of good (or any) shortcuts for a lot of the different settings dialogs available in Firefox, whether we’re talking Options, Extensions, or Bookmarks. Luckily, after spending a little time with the Firefox DOM Inspector and adding a few easy-to-remember bookmark keywords, we’re dishing out eight quick access shortcuts to your most-used Firefox settings dialogs.

Firefox’s DOM Inspector (installed with the Web Developer tools) allows you to check out the URL of any Firefox window, even those that aren’t actually used for web browsing. The URLs of these windows generally begin like so: chrome://…. By getting the chrome URLs of some of Firefox’s most-used dialog windows, we can bookmark them like any other URL, making quick work of accessing, for example, the Options menu with a couple of keystrokes. Additionally, the bookmarks will open inside of Firefox, like any other URL would. More Info Here…



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